the cast-outs

first take frenzy

the cast outs is an exercise in spontinaeity. what can we do with 1 microphone, 2 days, and no experience playing together? the title is correct as 80% of the tracks are first takes, the rest being 2nds.

drizzle and I bring you 14 tracks from the heart, designed to piss you off. leave you hanging. these are 14 tracks with potential, tragically cut short, yet many may live on in future projects in a more completed form. you are witness to the birth of new music, each small section budding with promise for the people of tommorrow.

first take frenzy will hit you with disappointment like the time you forgot the condom or when he didn't call back after that exciting second date kiss.

deal with it. and drop us a line.

- danomatika, guitar
- drizzle, drums

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first take frenzy

01. deer in the headlights 1:01
02. delta, alabama 1:32
03. hold me gently 1:55
04. ming garden stomp 0:46
05. forgetful fooshy 1:01
06. dont squeeze there 1:25
07. nightime in roebuck 0:43
08. cultured are we 1:23
09. scuzzbucket from nantucket 1:46
10. stop texting your friends and talk to me 1:26
11. straight to the muthaland 0:49
12. pinson party 1:13
13. please, officer 0:55
14. sequoyah says 1:12

total length 17:13

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mp3 192kbps zip archive, 22mb

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